7 Unusual ways of AI usage in San Crypto

5 min readJul 11


Hi there! Dealan has been gathering a portion of fresh startup ideas — so here they are. With so many companies capitalizing on overly hyped AI I’ve decided to follow their lead and find new applications for neural networks and robots driven by them. Here’s how you can make tons of cash almost without lifting a finger.

Jam-packed with GPS and other advanced technologies, robots will be the first responders finding victims of earthquakes, floods, and other natural disasters.

Responders typically need to look at aerial imagery to pinpoint potential stranding locations. However, reviewing a large number of images and drone footage takes a lot of time and effort, which is a serious issue because every minute matters for victims’ lives.

AI-driven programs will use algorithms that can quickly search through large amounts of video and locate the missing in under two hours. ‘But how to capitalize on that?’ — you’d ask. Well, how about a ‘safety subscription’ for San Crypto hikers and travelers?

Imagine seasoned wide lovers who visit a posh restaurant and want to drink something extraordinary. A wine expert could suggest a bottle that appeals to their tastes, but a robot sommelier stands higher chances of hitting the target. How? It will perform chemical analysis of wine structure in a matter of a few seconds.

After analyzing wine contents, terpenes, aroma, year of production, sort of grapes, and other characteristics, such bot will unmistakably find a perfect drink. Earning more loyal clients will become easy as never before. Your cash will flow together with wine. Cheers!

Modern surgical robots are instruments with machine learning capabilities that provide surgeons more precision and control. These robots allow for shorter hospital stays for patients, better operation outcomes, and lower healthcare expenditures.

Patients who have lost their ability to move as a result of paralysis are now beginning to regain it thanks to brain chip implants and mind-controlled robotic arms. AI and machine learning are also assisting these technologies in enhancing the patient experience.

Bees are crucial for agricultural pollination, but they are also extremely vulnerable to pesticides, illnesses, and other environmental issues, which causes their fragile populations to decline. Researchers have created a robot bee drone that uses artificial intelligence, GPS, and a high-resolution camera to pollinate in a way that is comparable to honeybees in order to make sure that these worries do not result in hunger.

San Crypto residents are very busy guys and girls. They prefer speed dating (time is money!). However, such meetings often appear to be fruitless because 10–15 minutes are not enough to get to know each other. This is where AI may come in handy. Follow my business plan:

1. Leverage AI with deep knowledge of psychology into your brand-new Match-making service.

2. Program the app to test users by asking them questions about their emotions, reactions, preferences, etc.

3. Let neural networks find users with similar tastes and mindsets and match them.

4. Organize dates for a certain fee. You make people happy — they make you rich!

There are technologies that can analyze soil contents. They will create predictive analytic models to track and anticipate numerous elements and variables that might affect future yields, in addition to the use of both artificial and bio-sensor driven algorithms to provide an extensive monitoring of the soil and crop yield.

How to deploy this idea? Pack AI into a mini-laboratory that uses deep learning algorithms to detect flaws and nutritional deficits in the soil. Their algorithms link certain leaf patterns to specific soil imperfections, pests, and illnesses. Sell these kits to farmers and enjoy the yield.

I know that Gua won’t like this idea because it directly threatens her job, but I would use AI for HR purposes particularly during interviews. Such AI technologies are already being used by Amazon and Microsoft: they read people’s faces for emotions and define their moods.

Imagine if an AI robot could detect all of your emotions in the interview setting and communicate them to the interview panel. The automated artificial intelligence technology analyses candidates’ faces to pick out those who appear bored or uninterested in the position.

It would assess a person’s thoughts and states by scanning facial cues, such as pursed lips, forehead furrows, or sighs. Now you don’t have to read people — let AI do this. By the way, such technologies can also be applied by police and detectives, as well as theater students who want to pick the most talented actors. Hmm, maybe I should sell this idea to Bluelight?

Wrapping up

Since Artificial Intelligence is getting more and more capable of replacing humans, the list of AI use cases will grow exponentially. While this technology enjoys hype created by millions of users worldwide, you can capitalize on it — all it takes is a worthy startup idea.

Maybe you’ve got your own groundbreaking thoughts on how to use AI? Share your thoughts with us!