has launched on the Mainnet!

4 min readNov 16


Hey, guys. Gua is back with awesome news: has finally launched on the Mainnet! Starting from November 14th, you can try out the full version of the game and start building your virtual startup, earn $KALE and have all your progress saved forever.

The team has been working hard throughout 2023 to deliver a balanced title with engaging gameplay and throught-through tokenomics. It was a challenging task but our developers managed to polish the game step by step:

  • Both Closed Alpha and Open Alpha stages were successfully completed — they showed the team how to improve and implement comprehensive game mechanics. The way to perfection is not finished yet, you will see more game upgrades in 2024.
  • The Bug Contest, fueled by active community participation, helped us fix code errors, level up the gaming experience, and think over the future updates.
  • We’ve realized that game mechanics with furniture layout were somewhat confusing for players, and decided to shift the focus towards the Collectible Card Game mode, while leaving Tycoon mode for playdeck management and future communication with the metaverse of San Crypto. It allows players to focus on project completion — the most challenging and interesting part of the gameplay so far.
  • Exciting collaborations are on the horizon. plans to partner with renowned NFT artists and explore opportunities in the blockchain and cryptocurrency realm. We are determined to shape the future of WEB 3.0 gaming and be at the forefront of the industry. Go, Dream Team!
  • Thanks to your feedback, dear readers, our project got a lot of support from the crypto community, which helped it expand online presence. Besides, comments and insights helped our developers improve overall gaming experience even further.
  • designers have revised graphics and made it even more appealing. I hope you will enjoy it right from the moment of launching. Meta L says he adores the comfy co-working space and its welcoming surroundings.

The Mainnet release has pretty much the same features as the Open Beta on the Testnet, so if you have already played, you won’t be surprised. Developers have tuned up the game in the following way:

  • Refined UX and menu.
  • Game progress gets saved on servers and will not be reset anymore.
  • Bluelight Shop has opened to provide players with the opportunity to buy characters, furniture and other in-game stuff.
  • With refined game mechanics players can edit their playdecks and arrange furniture in their offices. However, the placement of office stuff does not have any impact on the Collectible Card game mode — they play an aesthetic role only.

I’m thrilled about this release because it comes with several advantages.

Firstly, I should warn you that your in-game progress has been reset due to the blockchain switch from Testnet to Mainnet (yup, that was inevitable). But don’t despair — now your game advancements will be permanently saved.

Secondly, the time for real money has come! The shift to the Mainnet allows you to access $KALE — the native token that powers in-game trading, both in the Shop and later in the Marketplace. Additionally, $KALE will serve as a reward for completed projects and tasks. This token will be available in both BEP-20 and ERC-20 networks and now is traded on Cryptology in the KALE/USDT pair.

Note that Season 00 with leaderboards and special prizes will last until December 3rd. So you’ve got only three weeks to get into leadership lists and earn valuable rewards!

Also, has released its teaser clip to enlighten the community on the game concept — watch it to get acquainted with San Crypto and Dealan’s dream team (including me).

More updates and fantastic news are coming soon! Keep tabs on Bluelight’s updates and news — visit their website, subscribe on Medium, Telegram, and Discord.