token, $KALE, is listed on the Cryptology crypto exchange

2 min readNov 9, 2022


We are thrilled to announce that our public token, $KALE, is listed on the Cryptology crypto exchange under the KALE ticker. With that, the new age economic strategy blockchain-based game,, is available for the crypto community.

We’re sure you already know it, but just a reminder: is a free-to-play simulator of a startup in virtual silicon valley called San Crypto. The game uses play-to-earn mechanics, thus incentivizing active players as they progress. The gameplay is designed to satisfy both ‘spenders’ who want to upgrade faster and scale up their startups, and ‘earners’ who can benefit from actively participating in the ecosystem. As a result, there is a fine balance between fun gameplay and earnings, and the game doesn’t require any starting capital or paid items to have fun.

The game takes place in the San Crypto city where numerous players operate in different cubes nursing their startups and trying to grow the project to become a unicorn. While moving towards the ultimate goal of building the most powerful startup, players interact with each other, compete for resources and implement different marketing and development strategies.

There are multiple in-game tools that help exchanging items and resources, facilitating activities and empowering game characters. Players can complete projects, build their own offices, train employees, while competing with other players for rankings and participating in PvP tournaments.

There are two currencies in our game: an internal one called $BUX (which lives inside the game and is used for basic interactions) and a publicly traded $KALE token. The latter, a cross-chain fungible token initially, is issued in the ERC-20 standard but is easily transferable to the Binance Smart Chain, i.e. into the BEP20 standard.

$KALE is used to pay rewards and to acquire powerful and rare NFTs. Its multiple functionality is disclosed in the respective section of the White Paper. The token has its own vesting schedule with the majority of allocation going to players and the game foundation which is aimed to incentify the community and the ecosystem, offering grants to create high quality in-game content and applied products.

$KALE trading commences at a price of $0.001. There will be a liquidity and market making program implemented to support the trading and allow existing and new players to enter and exit the game seamlessly.