Bluelight land presale FAQ

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Rok’s house in San Crypto

Very soon, Bluelight’s San Crypto will be ready to open its virtual doors and will let first players to start defining it’s landscape. Here we have combined the most frequently asking questions about the upcoming land presale so our community will know what to expect.

What is land presale?

Initial land sale will be taking place to cover development costs for beta and the first version of the game. This will also allow players to get to the game early, and start building San Crypto before it will open to public, so new players will enjoy a beautiful city on the hills in all its glory.

How the land sale will happen?

Initial land sale will take place in two stages: stage 1 — title deeds sale, and stage 2 — deeds to parcel conversion, or land claim stage.

During the stage 1, players can prepare for the game launch by getting title deeds for land parcels. Only Unique rarity guarantees a predefined place on a map of San Crypto. Other rarity types will be converted to a random land parcel of the same rarity during the stage 2 with a chance to get a higher rarity parcel.

Some title deeds also include a chance to win a free buildings blueprint NFTs.

The development team works hard on the final map of San Crypto, and as soon as it will be completed, Stage 2 will be announced.

During Stage 2, or land claim stage, holders of title deeds NFTs will be able to convert them to a land parcels and will get bonuses if lucky.

What is whitelist and how can I get into it?

Due to high demand, there will be an early access to a Stage 1 sales for people in the white list. Please use this page if you want to get to the list.

What are title deeds?

Title deeds are NFTs (ERC 1155 tokens) that represent the right to claim land parcels. Title deeds NFTs are issued on Ethereum blockchain. As clearly stated on the sale page, some title deeds have a chance to receive a better tier land parcel during the land claim stage.

What is the rarity of title deeds?

Title deeds come in 5 rarity types: Common, Rare, Epic, Legendary and Unique. Each rarity type allows players to place a building with corresponding rarity type or better. For example, on common land parcel only common or rare buildings can be placed. On rare’s — epic, rare or common. Legendary and Unique land parcels can accommodate any types of buildings. Unique ones come with a unique building blueprint which will be available during the land claim stage.

Can I pick specific location on the map?

Every title deed, except Unique and Districts will be exchanged to a random land parcel and does not have a specific location on the map. If player is holding more than one title deed, we will do our best to exchange it to an adjacent land parcels during land claim stage. However if there are no combining options available, like, there are too many parcels that we can not fit altogether without roads to interfere, they may be broken up into multiple nearby plots.

San Crypto Districts

What are Districts?

District is a one block surrounded by streets of San Crypto and may include different amount of land parcels of different rarity types. There would be a very limited amount of districts available on a presale stage.

How many title deeds are there?

During land presale, there would be offered about 10,000 title deeds of the downtown and business parts of San Crypto. Whole map of San Crypto consists of about 65,000 land parcels which will be available later as game develops.

What are the prices of title deeds?

Prices for title deeds will start from 0.1 ETH for a Common title deed.

Can I resell my title deeds?

Yes, just like any NFT you are free to resell your title deeds on any marketplace.

When can I exchange title deeds for a land parcel?

Our developers are working very hard to bring San Crypto to life as soon as possible. We estimate land claim stage to happen in Q4 2022. Please join our Twitter or Discord and don’t miss the announcements!

Do you have special offers for game guilds?

Yes, if you are representing a guild, please contact Bluelight team directly via

I have an NFT from Take My Muffin collection, will I get any benefits in land presale or Bluelight game?

Yes! Holders of TMM NFTs will be able to claim in-game bonuses a little bit later.

If you haven’t done it yet — get your early access to a land presale here.

If you want to find out more about the Bluelight game or have other questions, feel free to ask! Please read Bluelight white paper, visit our website or join our community at Twitter and Discord.

Don’t forget to enjoy Take My Muffin animation series for free on YouTube!

San Crypto Downtown
San Crypto Downtown