Robot Sitter — a new vacancy gets hyped in San Crypto

4 min readJul 19


Hola, my dear readers! If you’ve been searching for a job in a virtual world, I’ve got a great option that I bet you’ve never heard about. As an HR expert, I keep tabs on work trends and revealed one new position that gets hyped in San Crypto — Robot Sitter. Who are they and why you might be interested in it? Let me explain.

With the advent and popularization of LLM and neural networks in the human world, people are taking up the positions of Prompt Engineers and AI trainers. Robot Sitters do pretty much similar things:

  • They learn to ask bots correct questions in order to get accurate answers. For example, while it’s easy to ask ‘What time is it’ and receive a short and correct reply, some requests need more details. The better the prompt, the higher is your chance of getting relevant information. From this standpoint, robots in San Crypto are similar to ChatGPT (and real people, too) — they can’t read our thoughts and need precise and clear formulations.
  • They walk robots helping them learn and adapt to surroundings. ‘But isn’t it a matter of uploading maps?’ — would you ask. The thing is, the virtual landscape keeps changing all the time because it’s easier to create or demolish objects in a metaverse. Hence, robot sitters help their wards generate a new, up-to-date 3D map that helps them move around. This is particularly important for automated gardeners, delivery bots, and robotic dog walkers (a funny recursion isn’t it?)
  • They will maintain robots, making sure that mechanisms work correctly and they don’t run out of charge.
  • Serving as a teacher, spiritual mentor, and nanny at the same time, robot sitters help machines adapt to the world of living creatures by explaining such illogical things as moral principles, ethics, emotions, and actions driven by them. It doesn’t mean bots become capable of feeling anything (though I swear I saw a robot crying once!), but they start understanding us better.

The last point leads us to the following question.

As I’ve mentioned, androids are not capable of experiencing the same emotions as living beings, especially such complex creatures as humans and all the fancy species residing in San Crypto. This is where robot sitters come on the scene — not only they explain our motivations and needs, but also teach bots to assist people without hurting them.

Imagine a situation when a person wants to consult a ‘supermind’ and tells a bot ‘I feel depressed and don’t want to be myself’. A machine that is not aware of such things as compassion and the value of human life might potentially give dangerous recommendations based on logic (‘start taking pills’ or ‘hey, why don’t you just cheer up, man’). Robot sitters would teach artificial intelligence to provide polite and safe questions that will never make a human hurt oneself. Yes, it might avoid providing information and simply answer ‘Please, make sure to consult a specialist’.

For the same reasons, AI is programmed not to consult users on such sensitive topics as terrorism (like self-made guns or explosive substances), financial fraud (price predictions and ways of money laundering), health problems, and other potentially dangerous situations.

Just like children are taught the basics of ethics, emotional intelligence, moral principles and unofficial rules, robots will be raised and navigated by sitters to survive and be helpful in the San Crypto metaverse.

But why are robot sitters becoming a necessity in each house in San Crypto? Here, every machine comes out of the box with a basic set of knowledge about the metaverse, but there are also family-related issues and special needs. For example, a sitter can teach a robot to help an injured person, to feed cats, to dry-clean dozens of fancy dresses, cook semi-raw steaks, and so on. Full personalization for ultimate experience!

As for me, I’m planning to hire a sitter that will help me raise a ‘search bot’ — a machine that assists me with finding right specialists for our dream team and, hopefully, one day it will discover my lost sister that I believe might be hiding in San Crypto.

What would you train a robot for? Or maybe you’d like to become a sitter? Share your ideas in the comments!