Top-5 Simulator Blockchain Games

7 min readMay 16


Hi! Evrik is back on the posting track. I haven’t written a post in a while because I was super-busy playing blockchain-based simulator games to pick the best ones for you. The concept of metaverses has become viral — there are dozens of projects that invite users to join their virtual worlds. But which ones are worth your time and NFT spendings? I’ve made a list of the most interesting blockchain simulator games that you should try in 2023.

Silicon Valley simulator

Have you ever dreamt of creating your own startup? There’s no need to wreck your brains over any idea or seek investments — try being an entrepreneur in This is a Silicon Valley simulator where players need to buy or rent offices, create a dream team, and level them up to perform tasks more efficiently.

The game is played in two modes:

  • Tycoon mode. It takes place in the virtual city of San Crypto where players can buy or rent offices, build their team and purchase in-game objects to place them in workers’ rooms.
  • Collectible card game. Players need to do projects — it boils down to making employees solve tasks within a certain amount of days (turns). For successfully finished projects, players receive $KALE rewards. The token is used to make in-game purchases and is currently traded on the Cryptology exchange.

On top of metaverse functionality, Bluelight features NFT objects (offices, worker cards, equipment, and so on) — they improve game experience and help players complete projects more efficiently.

Take care of fancy pets

Axie Infinity is a Play-to-Earn blockchain game that’s also powered by NFTs and cryptocurrency. It was developed by Sky Mavis and launched in 2018. The game is set in a world where players can collect, breed, and battle creatures called “Axies.” Each Axie is unique and has its own set of attributes and abilities. Players can earn AXS and SLP (Smooth Love Potion) tokens by playing the game, which can be used to buy and sell Axies and other items.

There are two game modes:

  • Players in the Adventure Mode are on a mission to battle and defeat various monsters that are dispersed throughout 36 levels. Each day, you may make up to 50 SLPs.
  • In Arena Mode, players face off against rival Axies, with each gaining SLP based on their Matchmaking Rating. The person that has the greatest MMR ultimately receives a larger portion of 21 SLPs for each victory. The chance of winning in battles depends on Axie’s level and characteristics.

Axie Infinity has gained popularity in recent years, particularly in Southeast Asia, where players have been able to earn a living by playing the game. As of now, it is not as profitable as it used to be a year ago, but the entry threshold has lowered to a few bucks — you can start playing the game after buying Axie NFTs on the official marketplace.

Grow crops and manage your assets

DeFi Land is free to play for new users, but they must have a DFL token or an NFT in their wallets to access the basic play-to-earn features. To start with, players need to register and choose one of the three factions — Doge, Pepe, or Monke. Each group has its own set of weekly and monthly missions, and the faction that performs the best gets rewarded.

The primary NFT items in the game include fishing poles, hunting rifles, automobiles, tools for mining and chopping, buildings, and creatures. There are three levels of rarity for each fundamental NFT: common, average, and rare. DFL tokens may be used to enhance the structures and animals, as well as to make tools.

Each participant can engage in mini-games which award experience points and extra perks to NFT owners. Players are ranked on the leaderboard using experience points, and the top players get token rewards.

The mini-games include activities like fishing, shooting, racing, finding hidden objects, and building towers. On top of that, there are other idle games like stroking animals, cleaning their property, and detonating stones in their territory.

The game includes a lineup of various buildings that serve different purposes:

  • Houses serve as a hub for players to keep track of their portfolios
  • The market allows players to trade their assets
  • The seed laboratory is where players can exchange their liquidity for seed tokens
  • Farms are used to plant seeds that produce yields, the farm board serves as a viewer that displays all available farms
  • The bank is where players can lend, borrow, and stake tokens
  • The voting palace is where players can vote on various protocols

Enjoy social interaction and build your farm

If you’re a big fan of games like DeFi Land, you can exercise your farming abilities in MEEET Web 3.0 relationship-based blockchain game platform and add animal breeding to the equation. MEEET players that own NFT farmers may carry out such activities as planting, harvesting, feeding animals, processing goods in factories, and selling them to earn money. These in-game items can either be spent or exchanged for cryptocurrency.

Meet developers added a competitive grain to the game by allowing players to establish guilds of their animals and earning extra rewards for finishing tasks earlier than other farmers.

Essential game components include:

  • Farm. Players may use MST to extend their land, increase the number of crops they can grow, finish jobs more quickly, and earn more coins.
  • Crops. There are several crops available in MEEET, including wheat, oats, carrots, sugar cane, corn, strawberries, etc. Players are able to produce crops for free. Crops that have been harvested can be employed in factories to process goods or execute order chores. MST may be burned by players to speed up the growth of crops.
  • Animals. There are three different kinds of animals in MEEET: pigs, cows, and chickens. The animals consume crops and require some time to create goods. The items can be employed in factories to process goods or finish activities. Burning MST allows users to speed up manufacturing.
  • Manufacturers & Goods. There are several factories in MEEET, including a bakery, a pizza parlor, an ice cream maker, a salad bar, etc. Crops may be used by players to process goods in factories, although this process takes time. To gain tokens, the items can be utilized to accomplish order chores. MST can be burned by players to speed up production.

Build your world and travel

Tired of constant battles or passive gameplay in P2E games? Want to relax in a calm game and make money at the same time? Then you should opt for the multiplayer construction simulator called ‘My Neighbor Alice’! A very exciting game with beautiful graphics and art will immerse you in the world of farm life. It allows players to buy and own virtual islands, collect and craft cool items, and meet new friends.

So, what does My Neighbor Alice have in store for us?

  • Housekeeping. You will have your own virtual land plot, which can be filled with various buildings, animals and decorations — arrange your land the way you want. For example, create a cool place for tourism to invite other players, or recreate locations from famous TV shows or movies.
  • Quests. You can do it alone or in a group with friends. Tasks are a part of the gameplay and bring players rewards in ALICE tokens.
  • Avatars. |In My Neighbor Alice, you can add a wide variety of cosmetic items to your character — they can be purchased on the game’s marketplace.
  • Trading and collecting. Trade unique game items or exchange them with other players in order to collect your unique NFT collection.
  • Events. My Neighbor Alice will provide players with a variety of opportunities to work toward a common goal and pool resources to perform fun activities.
  • Bonuses. My Neighbor Alice will have a reputation system that rewards players as good landowners with ever-increasing rewards.

Being a huge fan of blockchain games myself, I don’t recommend spending all your time playing the first simulator you see — they are not equally engaging, not to mention flawed tokenomics (really, you can spend a few hundred bucks on NFTs just to get started and stay with nothing but wasted time and money). If you seek awesome playing experience and crypto perks, start with the top games that have already gained approval of the crypto community or exhibit a strong potential — some of them are reviewed in this guide. Enjoy!