Vision Pro x ChatGPT: What Would This Tech Union Bring Us?

5 min readJun 29


Hey, guys, long time no see. Chip Polina is back! Our dream team has been testing a combination of two explosive technologies, and we want to share our experiences.

The world is literally obsessed with ChatGPT: millions of people use it to automate their daily tasks or search for information. But this is not the only technological breakthrough in 2023. Apple has presented its brand new device called ‘Vision Pro’. This is a spatial computer in the form of a headset that allows users to remain present in the reality and connected to others while interacting with digital space. Both of these things are intended to make our lives easier and more interesting, but what if we merge them? Our team decided to check the use cases of this technological union.

Vision Pro’s first three-dimensional camera enables users to record, revisit, and fully immerse themselves in their cherished moments. Every spatial image and video takes viewers back to a certain period, such as a party with friends or a memorable family reunion. On iCloud, they can access their complete picture collection and see all of their images and videos in life-size, vibrant colour, and exquisite detail. Every panorama image enlarges and wraps around the user, giving them the impression that they are standing exactly where the photo was taken.

But what if you could add custom details to the settings? Ask AI to generate people, decorations, color effects and soundtracks — all seamlessly merging into your panoramic photo. ChatGPT could also write funny captions so that you would roam over the image gallery. How would you like such a photo album? Dealan said investors “will fight for the startup idea of Full-presence photos”.

You’ve seen all TV series and movies in your favourite genre? How about new, ultra-personalized content that’s made to appeal exclusively to your tastes? Ask GPT to write a plot and make up characters — the rest is a matter of other AI agents. There’s a number of platforms that may generate video in different styles (realistic, anime, cartoon, and so on). And the best part of it: it will take you mere minutes to ‘shoot’ the scenes.

Need deeper immersion into the plot? Why not create a VR game based on your story? Vision Pro presents a completely three-dimensional user interface that is controlled by the most natural and intuitive inputs — a user’s eyes, hands, and voice — and creates an unlimited canvas for game fields that expand beyond the limitations of a standard display. Vision Pro gives consumers the ability to engage with digital space in a way that makes it feel like it is physically present in their location.

Sounds like a too ambitious plan? Well, don’t underestimate GPTs capabilities — it is already being used for creating games without coding experience: Snake, basic rendition of Doom and a text-based adventure game are good cases in point. Look at Evrik in his stylish cyberpunk headset — he tried playing them and said they still need a sort of upgrade, but the potential of ChatGPT is enormous.

While Vision Pro is tailored to reflect the surrounding reality as it is, AI can help you improve it. From now on, you don’t even need to make redecoration in your room — just change the ‘wallpaper’ in your headset. Check out different interior versions made by a bot — no design bureaus, no waiting needed! Just type your preferences in ChatGPT and choose one of several interior options in a few seconds. Meta L really likes this idea — it will help him test different interior collections without spending time on crafting furniture.

Tired of your minimalistic room? Switch to classicism or try Bohemian style, change them as often as you need. Don’t have money for building materials and new furniture? Well, you can buy a cheap apartment and Vision Pro that will reflect any picture you want. But don’t forget to buy Vision Pro sets for your guests, too ;)

Vision Pro enables immersive FaceTime conversations that take place in the space surrounding the user. Everyone on the call is displayed in life-size tiles, and Spatial Audio makes it seem as though callers are speaking directly from their positions. During a call, users wearing Vision Pro are represented as a Persona, a digital image of themselves. Personas reflect face and hand movements in real-time. Together, users can watch a movie, look through images, or collaborate on work tasks.

Talking to your friend or colleague as if they were here by your side seems like a great idea, but how about connecting to someone who’s already dead? No table tapping or Ouija board required — just power your Vision Pro with ChatGPT. AI will analyze a person’s dialogues, content in social media and other related data to simulate their behavior and daily communication. That means you’d be able to communicate with a digital copy of a deceased friend or family member and feel their presence.

Psst, I saw Gua wearing her lovely AR glasses and talking to her lost sister in the conference room. But don’t tell anyone.

Wrapping up

No matter how ready you are to accept or decline new technologies, the world is evolving at a mind-blowing rate, and game-changing innovations keep appearing every year. 2023 is rocked by ChatGPT and Vision Pro: these solutions are super-valuable on their own, but if we merge them, humanity will face unprecedented opportunities for communication, development, education and entertainment.

So, will it stay just a fantasy or will we sooner or later see tech giants like Apple and Open AI collaborating on revolutionary devices and services? Our dream team thinks a collaboration like this will be epic!