Welcome to San Crypto

2 min readJun 6, 2022


The Bluelight game is all about startups and its road to success. The most convenient place to start your business is in the heart of Crypto Valley, the city of San Crypto.

San Crypto has started its life in a genesis cube of Bluelight Corporations some time ago, and is actively developing to welcome its first startupers quite soon. Situated on beautiful hills overlooking the ocean, San Crypto, or SC for short, brings joy and opportunities to its growing population.

The city is a great place to live, work and to visit. When you’ll walk around the streets, you will spot a lot of great landmarks that define the vibrant atmosphere of the community. From the conspicuous Pier 420, take a short trip through Chinatown, towards the famous crooked Pricechart street. Walk down to a Blue Gate park to enjoy the latest and the most controversial masterpieces in the Palace of Pixel Arts. Or, take a great view of the city from the hill of Fork tower to enjoy them all at once.

Some famous San Crypto landmarks

Curious players can find that the city consists of various districts. Districts become important when you choose a place for your startup, as the district and its neighbors provide some perks for your business. A fintech firm with an office in the financial district benefits from the proximity to banks, exchanges and other institutions. Likewise, the art district is a perfect place for creators and social entrepreneurs with museums and galleries all around.

The pixel art district of San Crypto

The city planning committee has divided San Crypto into about 65,000 land plots. These plots will be available for players to acquire in a couple of stages. During the first stage, 10,000 land plots will be sold to prepare for a grand opening of SC to a general public later this year.

We invite the most passionate players to have a head start and participate in a land pre-sale event that will happen later June 2022. Players in the allow list will get early access to the event.

Follow our Twitter and Discrord and don’t miss the announcement if you are interested to be listed.