What is Bluelight?

3 min readMay 30, 2022


Bluelight is an economic strategy game about building your own startups in a virtual world. The game implements play to earn mechanics to incentivize active players as they progress. The game has a fine balance between fun gameplay and earnings and doesn’t require initial capital or upfront payments.

The player’s goal of the game is to build the most powerful startup, represented as a unicorn.

Bluelight has a strong foundation. The product team behind Bluelight has founded the award-winning private web3 browser Aloha, with millions users worldwide. The development partner, Dragons Lake, a development studio that worked on various AAA titles for Epic, Sony and Nintendo. Finally, the lore comes from a Take My Muffin animation series by Toonbox and the game will be featured in every episode.

Bluelight cube

As the story of the game goes, the world is on its turning point. Corporations rule the world and the market is divided between them. There is no space to grow, possibilities are limited. Bluelight corporation has decided to expand the market by creating new virtual worlds, the cubes, where young ambitious entrepreneurs can start their own technical revolution.

The cubes are populated with different characters, each one has a unique set of skills that are useful to complete projects and grow the startup. Each cube represents its own universe with specific sets of rules. Owning your own cube creates unparalleled flexibility for the players.

Typical Bluelight office

Players can enjoy various activities while growing their startups, like completing projects, building their own offices, training employees, while competing with other players for rankings and participating in PvP battles. Teaming up with other players helps to grow their startup faster. As it’s getting bigger, players can hire other players to work for them.

Those players who have a creative edge can immerse themselves into creating their own NFT-based game assets, setting the projects for other startups or even creating their own universe inside the cube.

Being a web3 game, Bluelight benefits from modern technologies like NFTs and item ownership. Players directly own all the items they have in the game, can rent them out, trade, and can use them across various multiverse experiences that will come in future.

Stay tuned on this Medium for white paper and roadmap updates.

Bluelight and its characters are based on an animation series Take My Muffin. It is not necessary to be familiar with a Take My Muffin lore to enjoy the game, but Bluelight and the series include a lot of cross references and come great together.

You can watch Take My Muffin for free on YouTube. Why not start with the first episode right here?