What Jobs of The Future Will Appear In Metaverses and GameFi Projects?

7 min readFeb 22


Hey, everyone! It’s Gua on the line. As an HR expert, I always recommend candidates to future-proof their competences against super-accelerating technical progress: in the crypto industry, things are changing so quickly that if you don’t develop, you’re dead. When it comes to metaverses, I know for sure that this is a brand-new niche that will require a bunch of new professions. Which ones? Here are my predictions.

Virtual world builder

As implied by the job description, the position of a world builder in the Metaverse will require knowledge comparable to that of video game designers but with more extensive and complex duties. World builders will need to have a forward-looking mindset since it’s essential to consider the peculiarities of new social connections and interactions in these newly forming worlds.

As the Bluelight metaverse gets bigger, probably, we will also hire a world builder. There will be so many species and communities in our universe, that someone would have to create a space that appeals to everyone’s needs and tastes.

Metaverse architect

The creation of products, designs, and experiences is necessary for the Metaverse to exist because it relies exclusively on involvement and structures. The Metaverse’s architects are the main driving factor behind its growth. They will create the buildings and other landmarks that make up the Metaverse and enable user interaction virtually.

Dealan says that we will hire the most skilled metaverse architect to build our headquarters in the Bluelight’s universe. Should I start searching for potential candidates right now?

Fashion designers and stylists for avatars

Avatars serve as a user’s virtual identity in the Metaverse. They can be male, female, or whatever creators want them to be. No matter what, people will want their own avatars to look well and be dressed stylishly. This is where metaverse designers come into play. They will create virtual clothing and entire fashion looks to help players express themselves.

Software engineers for AR/VR

A software engineer’s role in the Metaverse is essential for maintaining its technological components. Coding competence is necessary for this position since you will be using cutting-edge technology to build platforms with engaging user experiences.

This will be a popular position since organizations need qualified software engineers with experience in augmented reality and virtual reality to develop applications for various metaverse platforms.

Financial adviser for gamers

Skilled gamers can be so deeply immersed in virtual realms that they don’t have time to hone financial skills in the real world. Given the rising popularity of play-to-earn projects, they allow users to generate thousands of bucks every month, and narrowly-focused financial advisers will help clients understand how to get maximum income out of their gaming experience.

Not only these experts need to possess profound financial literacy — they should be well aware of how to earn in GameFi or play-and-earn projects and, most importantly, save the value of hard-earned tokens. That implies investment guidance, ability to analyze project tokenomics, and understanding of long-term trends of the crypto market.

Managers of metaverse events

These days, there are a ton of virtual NFT and Web3 conferences and events hosted all around the world. As metaverse worlds grow and develop, there will be countless events like concerts, lectures, meetings, auctions, and so on. Eventually, metaverses and communities will need individuals to organize and carry out different activities.

The organizaition of the events on these virtual platforms demands technical expertise, as well. They take their time to set out the execution, arrange the event’s implementation, and provide assistance. Event managers who can flawlessly organize massive meetings in virtual worlds will be in high demand.

Online tour guide

Since Metaverse is a new niche, many users are still unsure of how to move around in the virtual world. The aid of the tour guide will be very helpful to these users or first-time visitors. A tour guide’s responsibilities include explaining, guiding, and serving guests in various locations around the Metaverse. Job applicants for this metaverse position should have a thorough understanding of the crypto space and particular projects they’re involved in.


Storytellers in the Metaverse industry create narrative experiences for people that visit the virtual world that include simulation, sports, quests, social interactions, and much more.

This metaverse position entails authoring screenplays or animated movie scripts. They create narratives for games of all types, characters’ lores, and instructive plots. You should be able to use the current tools for story authoring and have a solid understanding of storytelling principles in order to succeed in this position.

By the way, how do you like the story behind the Bluelight world and our team? I think our storytellers did a great job! Can’t wait to see what they have in store for us.

Web3 real estate agent

Web3 real estate agents will be in high demand because virtual properties are already being widely presented in the Metaverse. These experts will be in charge of marketing and leasing properties in the Metaverse, much like they do in the real world.

This metaverse employment involves creating, managing, consulting, and promoting assets, among other things. Real estate agents that have previous experience of selling property are very likely to succeed by selling virtual lots in metaverses. If this is your case, you stand all chances of building a real-estate transaction specialist career in Bluelight — startupers and corporations search for suitable offices and will be ready to reward the ones who help them.

Creator of ecosystems

The creators of the ecosystem take their time to observe and make sure what the communities or platforms require before collaborating with those who build the ecosystem’s core components. Social networking platforms, communities, and games are all part of the ecosystem.

These ecosystem designers use virtual groups or platforms to conduct their metaverse planning.

They will also need to work with partners to make sure that customers can utilize their virtual goods in a variety of settings.

Research scientists

With the help of research scientists, businesses will be able to monitor how they are performing in the Metaverse. Research scientists will provide companies with some essential information, for example, what products people choose to use, what games that they play more or how frequently they engage with a project.

Businesses may benefit from this information since it allows them to assess if consumer demand is rising, which needs their products best meet, and whether to reassess their marketing approaches.

Safety manager

One of the emerging positions in the metaverse sector is a manager of safety. They have the ability to monitor activity in the area and guarantee everyone’s safety.

For instance, they may keep track of hacking efforts, ensure that legal requirements are being followed, and report mistreatment online. They will also mention possible misuses of Metaverse features and safety measures that will be implemented in response to their predictions.

Wrapping up

The list above is just the tip of an iceberg. I’m pretty sure that metaverses and play-and-earn projects will require even more competencies and positions than we can imagine. Meanwhile, you can already think of how to apply your talents in the brave new world. The future has come.